Atlantis Books Christmas Bundles of Joy

Leave your Christmas shopping to us this year: we’ve curated collections of some of our most popular items into discounted bundles, which we’ll mail out anywhere in the world.

Order by December 15 for delivery by Christmas within Europe; US/Canada by December 11, and rest of world by December 8.

Missed the deadline? Don’t panic! We can help you out. Just contact us.

The Atlantis Books Guide to Santorini

Featuring one large-scale map and 3500 words of wisdom gleaned from a decade’s worth of occasionally wayward exploration

If there exists one definitive guide to Santorini, this is not it. However, if you already have a good authoritative guide to Santorini, but you’re also interested in:

  • the personal favorites of a bunch of expat booksellers who have called this island home for over a decade;
  • general advice on best behaviour, suggested day-trip itineraries and how to make the most of any holiday in Santorini;
  • Plus, a beautiful large-scale map that will be perfect for hanging on your bathroom wall back home;

then The Atlantis Books Guide to Santorini is for you. Safe travels!

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Talking Shop on Spanish Radio

Your favorite, long-thought-retired microphone jockeys Will Brady and Craig Walzer return to the invisible stage at Radio Nacional in Madrid, joined by sideshow scene-stealer and Atlantis Books alum Jorge Lucini to dish on the new Spanish conquest Desperate Literature; tempt you with the newest exploits of Paravion Press; and of course rehash some old war stories from Atlantis Books.

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About Us

Atlantis Books is an independent bookshop on the island of Santorini, Greece, founded in 2004 by a group of friends from Cyprus, England, and the United States.

We have fiction and non-fiction in Greek, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and two shelves of Dutch. Throughout the year we host literary festivals, film screenings, book readings, and good old fashioned dance parties.

A decade of amateur bookselling

Panoramic photographs by the wonderful Olivier Bardina, taken in the spring of 2004, in our original location beneath the castle in Oia.

Bookshop Tour

A brief glimpse inside the shop, courtesy of a friendly film crew with a fancy camera. Music: Ed Dowie


In Cambridge, England, we filled a blue Ford Transit named Danny with books and fresh-faced graduates, ploughed across the continent, and landed in Oia on 4th January: Craig’s 23rd birthday.

We found an empty building facing the sunset, drank some whiskey and signed a lease. We found a dog and cat, opened a bank account, applied for a business license, found some friends, built the shelves, landed a boat on the terrace and filled the place with books.