After a brief stint in London, I arrived in the wee hours of the morning to the tired but smiling faces of the team. Craig, Will, Tim, and I had a stop on the side of the road to climb a small mountain for a most spectacular sunrise. I was shown around town to the potential building sites and introduced to Dimitri, the religious icon painter, who invited me for a game of futbol with the local team. The match was friendly, and I’ve been invited back despite my communication being limited to please and thank you. Now we are settled in our temporary home and looking forward with optimistic eyes to the contract for a building to call our own. Much of the anticipation felt by all of the team rests on this, and we are certain that the wheels we’ve set in motion are rolling downhill with great momentum.

Jars of peanut butter: +2
Biddies: +20 packs
Vitimin C drops: half gone
Ipods: +1
Recognition of Memphis, TN as the home of Justin Timberlake instead of Elvis Presely: +7

– CB

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