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Professional Amateur Booksellers

Atlantis Books is 10 years old today. We would never have made it this far without you. You kept us going when we were just a wee babe, when we were in our middling years of wandering, and when we thought the end was nigh. A gigantic sun-filled THANK YOU to our amazing friends, volunteers, […]

A New Literary Stop on the Train

Atlantis Alum Chris Bloomfield and his pal Rebecca Grove are opening a Literary Salon in Oakland, CA. We’d love your support, and a cup of coffee awaits you on the American west coast. Check out the IndiGOGO game plan!

Cause We’ve Got A Band *Updated*

The New Thoreaus have released their album! Buy it here: Neon Americana Also available on itunes, spotify, and amazon. And if you’re the facebooking type, you can like The New Thoreaus here.  

I Would Like You To Dance (Birthday)

On this day of January 4th, we wish a Happy Birthday to the lovely Anne Palma Wise (1!), the suspendered Craig Michael Walzer (32!), and Atlantis Books (9!) We are very proud of each of them, but of course in different ways and for different things. May you find every friend that you’re missing in […]

Craigx Athens

Our very own Craig Walzer gave a talk at TEDx Athens on the last weekend of November. Pop the popcorn, brew the tea, and enjoy a sit down as he takes you through the story of Atlantis. Watch here.

Blessed Is The Season

Seasons Greetings and Warm Wishes from our little Greek island of Santorini. Thanks to your ongoing love and support, we’ve managed to dance through another season welcoming book lovers and artists to our little corner of paradise. But after every summer, winter’s not far behind. So here we are trying to keep warm again. Last year we sold out […]

Atlantis Cooks

A Call for Submissions: Have you made food in our shop? Have you tasted food from our shop? We’re looking for 30 recipes inspired by an undersized Greek kitchen, a thin budget, and a ravenous bookshop table. Paravion Pressed with photos and illustrations! Contact chris@atlantisbooks.org.