2015 Caldera Arts & Literature Festival

Welcome to the 2015 Arts & Literature Caldera Festival!

September 11-13, 2015

Join us at and around Atlantis Books, in the village of Oia, Santorini, Greece to celebrate our festival.

We’ll be posting all relevant information and details on this webpage. Please be sure to read through all of what comes below, as it contains all the information we are able to provide.  If you need to clarify or ask anything more specific, or you want to guarantee a place on our festival, contact us via electronic mail at hello@atlantisbooks.org.

To help you consider joining us at our 11th to 13th of September, 2015 festival, we’ve tried to gather as much information for you below, hoping that you’d also enjoy your time there as a vacation.

*Nota Bene:

Two Quick Pro Tips for those of you traveling from the United States and for those who are staying in Europe for a while:

1. If you’re going to be gone for longer than a few weeks most mobile phone services allow a seasonal standby (for Sprint it’s $9 a month) so as to not pay your full monthly bill while you’re gone. If you’re using your phone internationally, be sure your service covers it so as to not get charged extra.

2. Let your bank know the countries you’ll be traveling to so as to not have them cancel your card because they think it was stolen.

Flights and Ferries to Santorini

From Athens, Greece, there are several flights and ferries a day to the island of Santorini.
Useful website for Athens to Santorini flights: Aegean Airways
Useful website for ferries: Greek Ferries or Ferries.GR 

For ferries, getting to port of Piraeus from the Athens airport can be done in these three ways.

From USA. Book soon! In our experience, it works to go for any flights that take you through London or Amsterdam and thence to Athens or Santorini direct.

From UK. We know of at least Easyjet running direct flights to Santorini. Often Thompson Holidays do so also. Google search UK-Santorini Flights and book soon!

From elsewhere in Europe and, of course, Cyprus: Get yourselves to Athens and see above for flights / ferries to Santorini. As yet there is no confirmed direct flight from Cyprus to Santorini.

Accommodation Tips

Read these first before browsing the list/ booking!

We’ve compiled a list of recommended places to stay in Oia or the adjoining village, Finikia. There are no giant hotels on our side of the island, so we’re working with village resorts of usually 5-12 rooms each.

All places on the list are within 5-25 minutes walk of our bookshop, which is located in the main street of Oia Village and will serve as the Central Meeting Point.

The list of hotels below begins from the least expensive. By clicking on the hotel name you’ll be sent to the website of that hotel. Of course there are many many more hotels on the rest of the island. If you’d like to stay in the wonderful nearby village of Imerovigli, for instance, you can take the bus into Oia or rent a car with our friends at Drossos (email and mention Caldera Festival/ Atlantis Books).

For many and most of the places listed below, if you mention the ‘2015 Arts & Literature Festival/ Atlantis Books’ , there’s a good chance you’ll get a small group rate discount.

We recommend that you spend time browsing through your options first and, if you like, gather a group of you and your family/friends who want to stay at the same place. It seems generally best to call and certainly email for final reservations, rather than using the online reservation pages.  If you are planning to phone Greece, please remember to check the time difference. The country code from the USA is 011-30-the number given. For example, if you were calling Atlantis Books from Memphis, TN, USA, you would dial 011-30-22860-72346. From Europe, you would dial 0030-22860-72346.

Unless otherwise stated in the list below, the telephone numbers and emails in the websites are correct.

Unless otherwise stated in the list below, language of communication can be English and Greek.

(* marks that a hotel is in Finikia, the village next to Oia, about 1.5km/1mile from Oia, so if you’re walking, depending on your pace, around 20 – 25 minutes away from the bookshop.)

Contacts for Accommodation

Click on the hotel name to get linked to the webpage.

Oia Youth Hostel
Marcos Rooms
Contact Person: Mr Panayiotis

Contact Person: Mr Takis

Contact Person: Mr Spyros

Contact Person: Mr Yiannis
Email: maryloujohnvillas@gmail.com Tel: +30 6936468925

Casa Francesca – Musses
Contact Person: Mr Yiannis. Email in English only please.

Villa Pezoulla *
Contact Person: Ms Flora. Email villapezoula@gmail.com.

Contact Person: Ms Victoria

Email: info@laokasti-santorini.com. Tel: +30 210 8068901+ 30 6972603351

Lotza Studios *
Contact Person: Ms Natasa

Maria’s Place *
Contact Person: Ms Anna. No children under 16 years.

Oia Sunset
Contact Person: Mr Panayiotis. Emails in English please.

Agnadi *
Contact Person: Mr Iasonas

Heliophos *
Contact Person: Ms Sophia. Tel: +30 22860 71886.
Email: info@heliophos.gr (in Greek or French only please)

Aethrio Hotel
Contact Person: Ms Aggeliki. Email in English to info@aethrio.gr or resa@aethrio.gr

Santorini Resorts
The above site covers 5 different hotels with rooms of varying mid-high end budgets all over Oia.
You may use the contact details on the sites, but note also that all are managed by the same reservations office, ecorama@otenet.gr , tel +30 22860 71406.
English is best for communications here.

Contact Person: Ms Ntina. She also recommends:


Contact Person: Mr Nikos

Contact Person: Ms Vanda

We haven’t spoken to them, but mention Mr Nikos from Filotera as contact.


Here is a map showing the location of Atlantis Books, the Centre of Operation for our Celebrations. It is located opposite the mark for Community Ias / Κοινοτητα Οιας.