Pretty nice company to keep.

The French journal L'Internaute posted a gallery of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Somehow we snuck in. (We're in photos #18 and #19.)

Détours 2010

Pauline has confirmed: the third annual Festival Détours will run 27-29th August 2010. The call for entries is now open; check out

yes I said yes I will Yes

Happy Bloomsday, everyone.

A Double Dose for the Ladies!

Friends and family, I've had the pleasure of posting many links on this site over the years. Thank you all for indulging me, waiting for something truly transcendent to appear. Wait no longer. The harvest has come. Sometimes you have to step…

Story Time

My student, Kenton Barks, reads Where The Wild Things Are. [audio:] Where the Wild Things Are is by Maurice Sendack. Music by Ian Patton (of Henry David and the…

Green Shoots of Spring [updated]

Want to see what we've been up to?

Change of Ownership Announcement

Bad news, all. I went to Polski's after hours the other night. They plied me with lots of Żubrówka, which is known to most of us as Polish vodka but is more accurately translated as "secret Polish weapon to disarm stupid Americans." The owner,…

It's Ladies' Night at Atlantis Books

To all our fairer readers: feast.

Postcard from Oakland

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month.  In honor of this, Speech Therapist Kristen Wilson and a group of my students in the Skyline High School Asperger Inclusion Program have entered an awesome video in the American Speech and Hearing Association…

An Interview with Walzer

In case you missed this, it's an interview with our very own Craig M. Walzer by our very own Kristina Kearns. Serious talk with serious people. Big-ups to The Rumpus for the scoop. Did you know Craig's book was being used on college campus…