We were going to move out of our damp concrete home on the windy side of the island to a cliff top two up two down balcony paradise when the man came in the dark rain and told us that his boss wants to quadruple the price. Maria sighed. Surprisingly Craig still wants to jump into the big business bed with this don though I am reluctant. He has a café shop on the main street that he said we might use.

We are all fed up in our own special ways. William has been pale with computer screen concentration coding for England, I thoroughly enjoyed my blusterous walk up the hill into the grey where there is a view of sea as far as the louring clouds will allow, Craig is positive with progressively gritted teeth and gold tooth so Maria has had her shoe stolen in the night by one of the ubiquitous hungry dogs. Perhaps we should feed them the last of the fish stew though after our disappointing sally therein at lunch I would forgive even them for turning their noses up. And yet the sword of purpose is sharp. We continue to soldier onwards undeterred.

Shoes: -1
Wine Jugs: +1
: -1
Soggy Feet: through the roof
Foot Massage: +1
References to England as ‘this country’: 3
References to USA as ‘this country’
: 1
Conclusion: Five is right out…

– Tim ‘sunshine’ Vincent-Smith

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