Santorini. Atlantis Books. Bergman’s bittersweet soundtrack playing over and over, a rustic flûte calming as I watch the sun set. It really is as I imagined. It will be hard to leave.
The white buildings reflect a stark purity refract a harsh white summer igloos on black lava rock. Bright blue doors.
They are happy here. My dear sweet Tim and Quinn, and Karusha and Jenny.
Now new friends too, Craig, Oliver, Julian, Chris, Maria, Will. Beautiful people who make this dream real. The bookshop is so pretty too. Tim took care of the design and he made a huge bookcase like a shell. Books all spiraling around the shop.

Watching the sun fill up with land
I lick the salt off my lips
with an ouzo tongue, lightly hand
my stress over, off sticky fingertips.

Watching the sun fill up with land
Peacefully I come to understand
that I often lose footing on who I am

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