We’ve had two busy nights in a row hosting friends for dinner.

When the night consists of sweeping the floors and baking bread and preparing dinner for a few guests and that’s something to refer to as ‘busy,’ you know that we haven’t begun building our new shop.

With all of this time on our hands, there’s been plenty of reading, watching movies, playing chess, gambling on chess, losing those games of chess and being forced to take notation from your friend Greg Walter whenever he sees fit to ‘take a letter,’ and there’s also time to think about the important things. Here are just four of the more significant things I’ve discovered or decided on in the past month.

1. If I was to open up a bar, it would be called The Black Tulip.
2. If I learned to play a musical instrument and formed a band, we would be called The Friends of Leon.
3. If you name a dog Nipples McGee, she doesn’t stand much of a chance at getting any serious attention.
4. The Funniest word in the German language is what they use for cellular telephones: handy.

You get the picture.

I’ve read more books in one month than I ever dreamed possible. I don’t leave the house often, and I’ve only seen a few sunsets. Today’s weather was hopefully the breaking point for old man Winter. Did go for a swim with Craigo and Will once. I wouldn’t say it was warm. I would say that it’s nice to have a shower of our own.

Lisa speaks English weller than I do, but won’t write a journal entry. Instead, she wakes me up every morning, not on purpose. It’s hard to complain when she’s the one who goes to get breakfast materials. So I don’t. You pick your battles when there’s nothing to battle over.

If I were to comment on the kissy noises that Craig makes in his sleep, it would be an obvious response to his remark in a previous journal entry about my snoring. I would never be so tasteless. We’re all professionals here, aren’t we?

You Damn Right.

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