There’s been a journal entry looming for at least a month so I apologize for the absence of word. There have been some happenings. Athena is no longer with us.

Four days later Maria Viard called to see if I could watch a puppy for one day.

‘Just one day,’ she says. So I says to her I says ‘Sure. One day.” I cleaned up urine 6 times in three hours. Middle of the shop, near the Greek section every time. I couldn’t make that up. But Diggy Do, we have a kitten. His name is Zooey, but for a while we thought he was a she and she was Franny. I didn’t think I’d like him but he’s fun to watch in a way that dogs aren’t. Of course I’d rather have Athena more than anything or anyone but thems the breaks. And when the breaks go against you, don’t let up. Put on more steam.

Momma Cas read her poetry on the terrace with her friend Danae. Not her daughter Danae my dance partner on days when the Beatles come on.

It’s different being here with no Craig Maria Will Lisa Athena. Of course it is.
But there’s not much I can say to elucidate so all I can say is that it’s different. Some Good Points, some Bad Points. But it all works out. I’m just a little freaked out. But not really. Megan, Luke, Hannah, Andrew, Joel, Zooey.
The Whole Sick Crew for July with Hal worked in for 4 days. Athena is in my thoughts daily. Our dog is dead and I haven’t had a good cry about it yet but that’ll come soon enough. No more puppies but I have to wipe Zooey’s bum sometimes and I could do without that but since he’s taken to the Komboloi and I have too we’re on the same page.

I don’t know. Boring stuff like Luke and I cleaning the back room (why we never use commercial floor cleaners? They’d do all this fast and to last for the rest of our life, I bet) and Hannah and Andrew mopping their love nest and brainstorming on how to better use the terrace and a slow day yesterday but a great one the day before. Had to buy a fan so Joel took the bus to Fira and ended up having to walk almost 3 km to the appliance store. For a week it was Hot like really hot, like no use taking a rain shower until after the sun has gone down hot. Not many people walking around in the middle of the day. Boring stuff.

We repainted the terrace and there’s a set of saloon doors on the way. That’s right. I said it.

Hannah and Andrew have successfully gained privacy out of the ‘den’ by Bamboo(!) and sewed curtains. Megan painted on the terrace wall.

There’s Marita. She comes to Fira and the phone company with me and in exchange I bring her books at her shop. 6th (wo)man off the bench.

Luke takes the morning shift so I wake up to the Blues. He claims he’s finished with the guitar forever but I catch him playing sometimes so I call him out on it. Summer’s moving around like a newlywed and when we’ve got a fire on the terrace, I’m on Luke ass to break out the harmonica because then Fransizka comes rolling back When the Saints Go Marching In and the month turns to August. Home Stretch. Then Maria gets back and We make Party.

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