Postcard from Oakland

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month.  In honor of this, Speech Therapist Kristen Wilson and a group of my students in the Skyline High School Asperger Inclusion Program have entered an awesome video in the American Speech and Hearing Association…

An Interview with Walzer

In case you missed this, it's an interview with our very own Craig M. Walzer by our very own Kristina Kearns. Serious talk with serious people. Big-ups to The Rumpus for the scoop. Did you know Craig's book was being used on college campus…

Dirt Foot Slugs

If you've not yet scoped Chris' Dirt Foot Farm blog then get on with it already, won't you. The most recent post is epic.

Book Art.

Pretty Pretty Pretty. This one too.

Maria Just Got Older

Chronia Polla Maria. We love you and miss you very much. Can't wait to see you this summer. Your friend, the Bookshop.

Atlantis Books 2.0

Two years later, I finally got around to doing that half day's work. Welcome to the new website.

Press Photos

These photographs are freely available for press use. Download a zip archive of high-res jpgs here.

Book Paradise

Paravion Press

Paravion Press is the new publishing imprint of Atlantis Books. Over the coming months, we will be producing handmade editions of our favourite great short works. These are for sharing, perhaps by mail. More details soon.