Get Up At Once, Episode 2: What Took Us So Long?

The long-awaited, given-up-on, and now resurrected second episode of the bookshop radio show is ready for streaming and download. 90 minutes of great music, shop news and updates, some stories about bookshop personalities, and ancillary ruminations.

A bit of press from the HuffPost

A look at successful indiegogo campaigns over on the Huffington Post. Video interview with our very own CW to come soon.

September is almost October

[audio:] (music by the Album Leaf, vocals by Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac, assembled by DJ C Harris)

Back To School

Congratulations on your first week of school to all you teachers (and students) at Skyline High and all around the country. May your grading be swift and your weekends restful.