Runner Up!

Atlantis Books was named 'Runner Up'  in IndiGoGo's Year in Review: Best Campaigns of 2011. Thank you to everyone at IndieGoGo and our amazing community who made it happen.

Ain't no shook hands in Brook-land

Brooklyn Magazine, Jonny Diamond's sleek quarterly, lists Paravion Press in their Brooklyn 20. 5/20, or 1/4 if you're simplifying your fractions.

Best Indie Bookstores on Twitter

Galleycat has a list of the Best Indie Bookstores on Twitter, and look at who's number 3. I should mention that it's alphabetical.

Burn a Candle for the Man

George Whitman died today. Our hearts are with Sylvia, the Shakespeare and Company family, and all of Paris. It's a bit dimmer in the City of Lights tonight.

The Oxonian Review

Check out Ioanna Mavrou's article on the Caldera Arts and Lit Festival in the Oxonian Review.