Bad news, all.

I went to Polski’s after hours the other night. They plied me with lots of Żubrówka, which is known to most of us as Polish vodka but is more accurately translated as “secret Polish weapon to disarm stupid Americans.”
The owner, Raymond, challenged me to a video game of soccer. He offered me five (five!) cheeseburgers if I could pull out a victory. A loss would cost me the bookstore. Fair trade, I thought and shook his hand with nary a second’s hesitation.
You can see the results.

Notice that I did get a sympathy cheeseburger out of the deal. Fair enough, I think.

PS: A lovely lady with great taste in books came into the shop within twenty minutes of the new signage and asked: “Is this the place that used to be called ‘Atlantis Books?'” ***N.B. – THIS IS TRUE

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