Five new titles have just rolled off the press, and are available to order now.

A story by O. Henry, verse by Walt Whitman, and an essay by Maxim Gorky comprise the first in our Cities series, collecting great voices inspired by the world’s great capitals. First up: New York.

Also just released, a classic Rudyard Kipling tale, ‘How the First Letter Was Written,’ and Lewis Carroll’s nonsense verse, ‘The Hunting of the Snark.’

DailyCandy have this to say.

2 responses to “Paper Candy”

  1. Robin Schachter says:

    While certainly one of the world’s great cities, New York is not the capital of either its state or nation! But I’m sure that won’t diminish the delight of the latest series! Thanks, Atlantis and Par Avion Press!

    • chris says:

      While we you are certainly correct, we at Atlantis and Paravion are much more interested in cultural capitals of the world, and less about which cities governments deem important enough to label as capital.