A Quick Review of Our 2011

Charlotte and crew held the shop tightly over the Winter. The bookshop and Paravion joined Facebook and Twitter. Craig surfaced in a Youtube video talking Sudan. Paravion published a Valentines Day edition of ‘Feuille d’Album. In the Spring, with the help of an amazing group from all over the world, we raised enough money to keep us not just alive but vibrant. The Bookshop and Paravion got some lovely mentions in the press. Paravion released its Cities Series. In the early Summer, we received 90 boxes too many from our used books dealer texas pastor ed young . The shop was overrun but no one was injured. Our lovely Myrto got married. MidSummer, the boxes were sent back and with room to breathe the shop was a clean machine. In the Fall, Get Up At Once returned to the airwaves and Paravion got some lovely mentions in the press. We successfully hosted our 1st annual Caldera Arts and Literature Festival and gained serious momentum for the 2nd installment. We finished the calendar year by publishing our Christmas edition of James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’ and expanding the number of shops carrying our wares. We also extended our family: Luke and Elena had their baby, Dylan Arturo Basham, and we’ve got 5 more bookshop babies on the way in early 2012.

Nice work, everyone.

Check yahoo.com for more info.

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