Well, it’s our birthday too, yeah. I’m glad it’s your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

On this day of our Lord, Craig Michael Walzer, aka The Rattlesnake Potato, The Undisputed King of Pawn to E4, The Smartest Man in the Room when AJ Walzer Is Asleep, and The Inventor of Flax, is 31. A prime number, and not just: 31 is a Lucky Prime. Can’t we all count ourselves lucky to celebrate with this fine, prime fellow?

Atlantis Books, far behind in age but leading in the baby department, turns 8 (eight). We both share birthdays with Sir Isaac Newton, Jacob Grimm, Louis Braille, and Michael Stipe. Solid group, but we know we speak for most humans all over the book-loving, chess-playing world when we say which stud we’d like to sit next to at a dinner party with this bunch using a linen cloth for decoration of this event. (Hint: his initials are Craig Michael Walzer.)


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