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Atlantis Books is proud to announce two weekends of guided photographic journeys across Santorini with the renowned Tzeli Hadjidimitriou, the talent behind our favorite Greek photography book, 39 Coffee Houses and a Barbershop.

The Odoiporikon covers three days and three nights during the peak of Santorini’s most beautiful season, when the spring grass glows green and orange poppies flood the hills for a few weeks before the scorching summer sun sets in. It’s a perfect time.

Personal instruction, as well as meals, cocktail receptions, boat excursions and accommodation are all included in the package deal which offers a seriously good rate and helps support our bookstore to boot!

Tzeli has been leading travelers’ seminars in Greece for years now. She provides a platform for those who seek to know a place – its history, people, tradition and culture – through the lens of a camera. Rather than being a laboratory for learning the latest techniques in digital photography, participants will endeavor to capture the atmosphere of a foreign country. Learn how to “see” and how to compose an image in your mind before taking a picture. Get to know a majestic island by learning how see the light on a face, a space or an object, and how to connect the land with ourselves through photography.

For more details and a sample itinerary, click here.

For an online reservation form, click here.

For inquiries big and small, contact hello at atlantisbooks.org or info at odoiporikon.com .

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