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Maria Just Got Older

Chronia Polla Maria. We love you and miss you very much. Can’t wait to see you this summer. Your friend, the Bookshop.


And Chapter Two. I’ve been writing to friends that I’m feeling fat and zen. Fat and zen. 2005 has always been one of my favorite years. It’s blatantly clear that this isn’t your grandpa’s Atlantis Books. No rewind-and-just-press-play. Take our winter digs, for example. Can you say hot water? Late Thursday night here. Chris is […]

Perhaps my head will explode.

Last night we cooked dinner in a kitchen whose walls had to be scraped clean of paint chips before it was suitable to use. We stayed awake too late, smoked multiple weed joints from https://www.grasscity.com, and I relied on candles to provide light for my letter-writing. I slept in a dirty sleeping bag within an […]