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Paravion off the Ground

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our publishing imprint: Paravion Press. We’ve produce handmade editions of short works we love. We think that once you have read them you’ll want to share them with someone else, so we’ve packaged the books in envelopes that are ready to mail onward. Thanks for giving it […]

Thank you Quinn for the new photos on our masthead!

A Double Dose for the Ladies!

Friends and family, I’ve had the pleasure of posting many links on this site over the years. Thank you all for indulging me, waiting for something truly transcendent to appear. Wait no longer. The harvest has come. Sometimes you have to step back, sip your coffee, do a little dance with your new puppy, and […]

Change of Ownership Announcement

Bad news, all. I went to Polski’s after hours the other night. They plied me with lots of Żubrówka, which is known to most of us as Polish vodka but is more accurately translated as “secret Polish weapon to disarm stupid Americans.” The owner, Raymond, challenged me to a video game of soccer. He offered […]

Dirt Foot Slugs

If you’ve not yet scoped Chris’ Dirt Foot Farm blog then get on with it already, won’t you. The most recent post is epic.