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Birthday check-in

Yes, an entire year went by with no updates. But here we are. We are 6 (éxi, six, sex) years old, ladies and gentlemen. We are The Smallest Perfect Number. Happy Birthday to Craig. And for that matter, Happy Birthday to everyone over the last year. But mostly to you, Craig. The rest are belated. […]

Birthday celebrations

It’s the 5th Anniversary of Atlantis Books today, and the 28th Anniversary of Craig Walzer. While Craig reaches the atomic number of nickel and number of dominoes in a standard set, Atlantis Books begins kindergarten where it will learn letter and sight word recognition as well as the ability to communicate, play, and interact with […]

The Cowboy

The Cowboy. The. Cowboy. That’s right. He’s long. A lama when stretched over a boulder looking for a better view. Too long. Clumsy. Runs into unsuspecting Tourists who are too busy saying “Look at all the dogs, honey. They’re sleeping!” to see him bounding towards them with his head looking back over his shoulder at […]

Some happenings.

There’s been a journal entry looming for at least a month so I apologize for the absence of word. There have been some happenings. Athena is no longer with us. Four days later Maria Viard called to see if I could watch a puppy for one day. ‘Just one day,’ she says. So I says […]


We’ve had two busy nights in a row hosting friends for dinner. When the night consists of sweeping the floors and baking bread and preparing dinner for a few guests and that’s something to refer to as ‘busy,’ you know that we haven’t begun building our new shop. With all of this time on our […]


Beneath the moonlight The cliffs are fingers of a Great hand that shakes me I’ve got less than a month left here. I’m not sure when I’ll be back and at the same time that this lack of knowledge worries me I am assured by my memories of January that set dates do little to […]

A Most Spectacular Sunrise

After a brief stint in London, I arrived in the wee hours of the morning to the tired but smiling faces of the team. Craig, Will, Tim, and I had a stop on the side of the road to climb a small mountain for a most spectacular sunrise. I was shown around town to the […]