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Press Photos

These photographs are freely available for press use. Download a zip archive of high-res jpgs here.

Paravion Press

Paravion Press is the new publishing imprint of Atlantis Books. Over the coming months, we will be producing handmade editions of our favourite great short works. These are for sharing, perhaps by mail. More details soon.


There’s a feature on Atlantis Books in the Greek newspaper supplement Ysterografo. You can view an electronic version here. The fun starts on page 30. Text in Greek, obviously, and there are lots of photos, mostly from our first season.

Ella Wise

The first time Oliver had too much wine on Santorini, he teased with Craig about building a bookshop. Now we have too much wine, and tease Oliver and Craig for actually doing so. Like a beautiful Frankenstein, Atlantis Books is seemingly standing on her own feet now. Although guided by Chris and others from very […]

Seth Kershner

Oia’s Atlantis Books felt a lot like Danny’s house in Tortilla Flat. Granted, nobody was Latino. And, despite Craig’s attempts to hide it from the locals, there were at least 3 Jews living under one roof. Nevertheless, the collection of characters lured to the store’s winter headquarters by the promise of a roof over their […]

Xenia and the Atlantis Books (by EVH)

The idea of xenia, or guest-friendship, has been central to Greek culture since ancient time as implied in numerous mythological stories. The suitors in the Odyssey deserve their label as “enemy” because of their violation of exactly this idea of guest-friendship—which is based on hospitality, mercy towards suppliants, and reciprocal gift-giving. The house of Bauchis […]


it’s been almost a month since I left the lovely atlantis books. the day I returned to new york, it felt like I had awoken from a beautiful (long and incredibly lucid) dream that was already fading from my grasp, changed in a way that I couldn’t explain based on the experiences of my night’s […]


It is a month now since I departed the cliffs, cats, books and heat of Santorini. Yet it is still fresh in my mind, buried deep somewhere in my tummy, and a clip of some magical film as I close my eyes. Oia, a place where artists stay throughout winter, where donkeys bat their dusty […]

Lyndsey Redding

Santorini is a paradise of paradox. The dark, foreboding stretch of a sleeping dragon cuts sharply through the sublime calm of the sea. White washed cliff dwellings bounce light from an otherwise black, and dark landscape. It is a picture, literally of survival. Life is carrying on here against the backdrop of a volcano that […]