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Clara McBride

Santorini. Atlantis Books. Bergman’s bittersweet soundtrack playing over and over, a rustic flûte calming as I watch the sun set. It really is as I imagined. It will be hard to leave. The white buildings reflect a stark purity refract a harsh white summer igloos on black lava rock. Bright blue doors. They are happy […]


the ferry we came in on sounded like a dieing sea monster, that doesn’t sound good does itwill commented. no it doesn’t. i coud see tim standing on the edge of water in his long tattery coat. ‘that will be one of them’ i thought to myself. when i met tim i held out my […]

Ursala’s 2 cents

I left Santorini, Greece about a week ago, and already my adventures seem like a dream. The images that will always be clear are the sunsets from the deck of the soon to be bookshop of my dear new friends Tim, Chris, Craig, and Maria. Those images created the most amazing sense of peace I’ve […]

We got THE place

We got THE place. The one below the castle, above the sea. Maria had dreamed about it the first night, the only place she dreamed about. And it was trooo. Last night we wandered over to toast the deal with an eight euro bottle of champagne. The key broke in the lock. So we had […]

The Gods, it seems, have favoured us.

The Gods, it seems, have favoured us. With the weather at least. Just when you thought we might be suffering a mild form of collective cabin fever, the clouds lifted and it became altogether more clement. We are dancing in the streets once more. A little more progress on the property front; we’ve got a […]

The last of the fish stew

We were going to move out of our damp concrete home on the windy side of the island to a cliff top two up two down balcony paradise when the man came in the dark rain and told us that his boss wants to quadruple the price. Maria sighed. Surprisingly Craig still wants to jump […]

First report

Weather report: cold! It got up to 60° F today; frankly we were hoping for a little more. But now the wind’s come back and we are shut up in our little rented room with cold walls, cold floors and a very, very cold bathroom. However, Maria has just made some Lapsang to warm our cockles […]