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They Say It’s Your Birthday: Special Addition Edition

Oliver and Ryan have added Anne Palma Wise to the grand tradition of the Wise clan. Congratulations! We love you very much! Anne was born before the clock struck midnight on January 4th, and with open arms Craig and Atlantis Books welcome you, Anne, to the January 4th Club. Know that your earliest bookshelves will […]

They Say It’s Your Birthday

Well, it’s our birthday too, yeah. I’m glad it’s your birthday. Happy birthday to you. On this day of our Lord, Craig Michael Walzer, aka The Rattlesnake Potato, The Undisputed King of Pawn to E4, The Smartest Man in the Room when AJ Walzer Is Asleep, and The Inventor of Flax, is 31. A prime number, and […]

Preview of 2012 (Spoiler Alert)

Preview of Our 2012 Charlotte and crew will hold the shop over the Winter. More Get Up At Once. We will host our first photography workshops with Tzeli Hadjidimitriou. We will do something excellent for the publishing of Walter Benjamin’s ‘Unpacking My Library,’ perhaps in Berlin. Theater in the streets come Summer? More Paravions published. 2nd […]

Review of 2011

A Quick Review of Our 2011 Charlotte and crew held the shop tightly over the Winter. The bookshop and Paravion joined Facebook and Twitter. Craig surfaced in a Youtube video talking Sudan. Paravion published a Valentines Day edition of ‘Feuille d’Album. In the Spring, with the help of an amazing group from all over the […]

Runner Up!

Atlantis Books was named ‘Runner Up’  in IndiGoGo’s Year in Review: Best Campaigns of 2011. Thank you to everyone at IndieGoGo and our amazing community who made it happen.

The Oxonian Review

Check out Ioanna Mavrou’s article on the Caldera Arts and Lit Festival in the Oxonian Review.

One for the Good Guys

2008 Atlantis Books alum Carina Uraiqat, now a prosecuting attorney for the fighting third district of the state of Alaska, got her first guilty verdict: A book thief. Go get ’em, Carina.

Announcing Paravion’s Christmas Edition

In celebration of the 2011 winter holiday season, Paravion Press presents James Joyce’s Christmas story with specially commissioned illustrations by William Bock. This limited edition of 500 copies features a hand-set letterpress broadside and tailored wrapping paper so the book can be shared, perhaps by mail. There is a pre-order price of $22 U.S. if […]